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The food theme is becoming more and more important, from media to sharing economy, everyone is talking about it. We now find food in TV shows, art shows, social networks, Expo 2015 and chefs that are becoming more and more popular on TV and social networks. As we hacve already analyzed, the food trend involves TV , web and social networks. Let´s start  from  research published on Social Celebrities carried out by Blogmeter, which last February, analyzed 18 among the most important testimonials in the food sector.

Chef as food celebs on social network

Food celebrities, besides being famous on screen, are emerging because they are able to engage on social networks; example, Joe Bastianich, an Italo-American entrepreneur in the food service and Masterchef judge in Italy and USA, benefits from the highest level of engagement and interaction on social media. Third place goes to the starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, judge – to – be on Masterchef.

The research underlines the success and appreciation for Marco Bianchi, author of cookbooks and already famous on screen, in addition to being the testimonial of Orogel and Rio Mare.  Bianchi is the one who records the best sentiment among those analyzed. All comments with regards to him are positive: in particular, his recipes and tips on ingredients and food are appreciated on the web.

Marco Bianchi and the social world

Let´s talk about the popularity recorded by that someone like Marco Bianchi, who has focused all his success on a trend topic such as a healthy and proper nutrition. Ambassador of Expo 2015, he fights to spread proper food culture and movement as a fundamental step also towards loving food.

But Marco Bianchi is also a real social celebrity, the number of his accounts are remarkable. More than 20.000 on Twitter, more than 160.000 on Facebook and 35.000 on Instagram.

One of the secrets of his success is in the fact that he has been able to find a great balance between healthy food and taste. Eating in a healthy way doesn´t mean that you have to give up on some types of food. In an interview on Cakemania, Marco Bianchi highlights what follows:

Dessert is, par excellence, the unhealthy dish…

It is true, but even in this case everything depends on raw materials and quantity. For example, I really like cooking fruit cupcakes and muffins and, to make them healthier, I started using extracted juice scrpas in the mixture: the result is great.

Complete interview on Cakemania.

From the research on Blogmeter it is clear how chefs or food experts are now TV celebrities, competing with hosts and soubrettes. Of course, you need to have something to say and generally people with a strong personality like Marco Bianchi and Bastianich are able to dominate television and social media because they know how to take full advantage of their language and communicative opportunities.

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