Food UPFlick on Food: why a wiki food app?


Flick on Food is the first wiki food ever that starts from the ingredients by exploring their origins, history, variety, curiosities and recipes.

Why starting from ingredients?

In the overcrowded world of food startups, there are many projects focused on deliveries and recipes, but none of them are focused on the unlimited value of ingredients.

Do we really know Italian products and the infinite variety of ingredients used in international cuisine? Do we worship the delicacies of our territoy? There is tons of information about ingredients but much too vague, hidden in different web pages and sometimes info is not too accessible.

So we decided to collect all the information in one channel, on a mobile device, always at your fingertips, so that you can live a real time food experience. But there is no food experience, without collaboration and thanks to our app, food fans, experts and food bloggers will be finally able to meet and share experiences, passions, products and delicacies.

Common knowledge is something we strongly believe in, especially because the mobile and social world helped promote a collective knowledge that goes beyond time and geographical distances, vital for its driving and viral force.

So here’s why Flick on Food was born. A digital project that offers a sharing and collaborative space, where the community produces, improves and enriches existing contents. Available for iOS and soon enough for Android too. Flick on Food is not just an app, for us, the Dotfarm team, is a possible world, with all its infinite aspects.

Flick on Food App

From this starts out Blogging project. We want to talk about ingredients through an emotional storytelling, unveiling its appeal and its deep connection to moments and passages of our lives. But the food world is also an industry, with a dominant trend in the digital world and that’s why, through the News category, we keep up to date on what is happening all around the world. Food Quote is a collection of famous quotes, from famous people but also from who simply loves food. Keep App is constantly updated with new features about our app and on integrations that we will add also thanks to your contributions and suggestions.

Because Flick on Food is a collaborative wiki food that breaths thanks to your contribution.

“Enjoy ingredients anytime, anywhere…”

Michela Di Nuzzo

« Se scrivo ciò che sento è perché così facendo abbasso la febbre di sentire». - Fernando Pessoa Giornalista e co-founder, vivo il digital come imprenditrice e appassionata. Percepisco il cambiamento come un'opportunitá mai una minaccia. Occhi spalancati e orecchie aperte, sempre pronta alla condivisione, la chiave di ogni evoluzione.


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