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Food UPChristmas Challenge: till the last recipe

Livia Del Pino Livia Del Pino3 years ago6 min


Think about the moments you really feel italian. Football World Cup. A plate of spaghetti carbonara. If this is the case, then you’ll enjoy what follows. A new game: Italy vs. UK, to the last Christmas recipe!

Each team has three chefs, who posted on the 25th of December a recipe on a social network. We’ll see how easy it’s going to be…

Round One: Jamie Oliver VS Simone Rugiati

The young and exuberant Jamie Oliver, among other things, offers a pleasing Christmas appetizer: Christmas Alexander. A cocktail made with cognac, with almonds milk and white chocolate cream. A bomb filled with whipped cream! A nice way to amaze your guests.

Chef Rugiati offers a nice appetizer too: scallops with lard. Finely dished out, like a boxer with velvet gloves. The sweet and light crustacean matches perfectly with lard and together they melt on a creamy bed of cauliflower, chicory and laurel.

Round two: Gordon Ramsay VS Bruno Barbieri

Clash of the Titans. The Scottish Ramsay conquered USA with his impetuosity and  goes straight to the point with the evergreen wellington. Parma’s ham and chestnuts cream are a perfect match with beef covered in mustard. A roll of puff pastry, an oven and game over. These are the Christmas tastes for the king of Hell’s Kitchen.

Bruno Barbieri replies with another classic dish. But all italian: broth for tortellini. He gave the perfect recipe to put in a plate all the tastes and smells of your childhood. Capon, celery, carrots, onions, laurel, pepper…there’s nothing missing. An historic chapter of the italian cousine.

Round three: Nigella Lawson VS Marco Bianchi

Dessert time! Nigella surprises everyone on Christmas: Christmas muffins. Imagine: wake up the 25th of December with a fragrant aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg dipped in fresh clementines. On the table, still hot, these amazing muffins are waiting. A true gift that melts in your mouth.

Marco Bianchi prepared Umberto’s cake, dedicated to his dad. A true warm gesture that contains all winter tastes and some surprises too: ricotta, apples, dates, honey and nuts.

The final

Have you been following? From one side to the other one, the tastes are amazing, and the choice is not easy. Of course, the italian pride for dishes and tastes is invincible. But would you say no to Ramsay’s wellington? We can definitely say that the true winners are the guests of these amazing chefs. They are the only one who knows how to make special all the winter’s ingredients that we love the most. We can steal some tips and use then for New Years Eve!

Livia Del Pino

Livia Del Pino

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