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DataFood UP4.0 Restaurant and 3D Printer: the future of food…

Giulia Baroni Giulia Baroni3 years ago6 min


In the book Natural Histories by Primo Levi, Mr. Simpson finds himself dealing with a duplicator machine, a device with infinite and scary capabilities, able to duplicate any object… even humans! Is the same thing happening for food now a day?

It’s true that, first of all, food must be good, but the visual part of it is becoming very important, even thanks to food lovers, able to take numerous pics of dishes and ingredients. producing food is a challenge also for the safety of our planet. Did you know that NASA is working on a project to install a 3D printer in space?


Foodini and Food Ink

But talking about food and new food places, let’s imagine that we are now entering a pop up restaurant prepared by Food Ink, an organization created after the success of the 3D printer in a Supermarket in Eindhoven. International designers, chefs and tech from London, Barcelona, Maastricht will gather to participate in a worldwide tour. The Spanish company Natural Machines, opted instead for Foodini, a 3D printer that wants to be part of every kitchen of the planet. Why? “Foodini is the first 3D printer to print all types of real, fresh, nutritious foods, from savory to sweet. It uses fresh, real ingredients, making the Foodini the first 3D food printer kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle.”

4.0 Restaurant

Not just food production, but also the physical place is changing. From Seed and Chips’ schedule, we can see that there will be a meeting dedicated to this theme. The evolution of the physical restaurant and of the dinner moment itself, with apps like Smart Touch Menu, that substitute waiters or personal chefs. What before was a sensorial experience, is now digital and virtual, that can help us try something new, by also giving us some free time. How is our vision and experience of food changing?


Giulia Baroni

Giulia Baroni

Vivo in una nube, non solo come scelta digitale ma anche come scelta di vita. A volte torno sulla terra e adoro realizzare che viviamo in un mondo globalizzato, ecco perché sono sempre curiosa e pronta ad imparare da culture differenti. Vivi per imparare ed impara per vivere.

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