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Even this year, Mother’s Day is a communicative occasion, very important for many brands. To remind us we are mothers and daughters, and we deserve a special day to share with each other, to express the feelings that we have and that we don’t always share…starting from this communication gap, Pandora made a video experiment with 8 moms and 8 daughters.

PANDORA: “The Unique Thank You”

“The Unique Thank You” is the name of the campaign that shows the bond shared by moms and daughters. 8 daughters and 8 mothers, the firsts are the ones writing a message to their moms and the latter have to find the one written by their own daughters. Not just a simple “I love you” but true life pills that their mothers taught them through the years with dedication and a lot (but a lot) of patience. Stephen Fairchild, Senior Vice President & Chief Creative Officer of Pandora said “With this film and campaign, we want to give mothers and daughters everywhere the opportunity to reflect on the importance of their roles in each other’s lives. Our ambition is to remind women of that special relationship, and inspire daughters around the world to tell their mothers how much they mean to them”

The success of Pandora

The mission of the brand has always been celebrating women. Their beauty and essence. Truthful to this vocation, Pandora has always been very present and socially active with campaigns. Even the last one, the one we are talking about, was very followed. On YouTube, the video got 1,484,991 views and it’s too early to say how much profit these viewers generated for the famous Danish company. Surely the level of engagement is high, because of the strength of the language and the visual impact that you perceive just by looking at the video.

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