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Seeds&Chips, the international fair dedicated to Food Innovation will officially starts tomorrow, May 11th at Mi.Co Congressi in Milan. 4 days in which startups, food and tech companies, investors, opinion leaders and policy makers will meet to discuss about all the tech aspects related to food, sharing opinions, visions and solutions. The goal is to create an efficient food system that will make possible to produce food in a sustainable way, involving the whole agricultural chain, from farm to fork. The event will focus on 5 themes: AG Tech, Transforming, Distribution and Retail, Health and Nutrition, Learning and Sharing.

And the Dotfarm team will be there, with “Flick on Food”, our app. We want to share and listen what you think about the first wiki food app in the world that offers space and visibility to many farmers and to their products, that would otherwise remain unknown.

flick on food

Internet of Food and Food Waste

The Seeds&Chips schedule is full of interesting topics: precision agriculture, 3D printers for food, traceability of food, sharing economy, personalization of food and more.

Just a quick sneak peek, among the many themes that will be discussed during the first day, there will be the Internet of Food one, a consideration on the central role of Internet in this time of changes for the food system. A topic that we already anticipated in an interesting interview to Marco Gualtieri, creator of Seeds&Chips.


Another interesting event will talk about the fight for food waste, with testimony of tech innovators and lovers who, thanks to their brain and projects are helping the planet, facing the challenge of food waste.

Stay tuned!

We’ll be walking around full of curiosity, among stands and conferences, looking for news and curiosity about food, something that can amaze us and be a spark for our products. Follow us on Dotmug and on our social network channels: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn for live update from Seeds&Chips!



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