TrendsDavide Oldani at Seeds&Chips with 3D meals

dotmug7 years ago2 min


Cooking is curiosity, innovation and its future goes through technology.

This is what Davide Oldani, very famos Milanese chef thinks, and yesterday at Seeds & Chips, he showed his thoughts exhibiting with Foodini, a 3D printer for food. A machine that is as big as a microwave that prepares, sorry, prints, layer after layer, food ready to be eaten: you just need to insert the ingredients in a capsule, insert the recipe from the display and it’s done. Good food and a beautiful plate to look at!

A cultural revolution that starts from cooking and the kitchen, not an enemy of the tradition but an ally of quality. Chef’s word!


"C’è una sola cosa orribile al mondo, un solo peccato imperdonabile: la noia". Oscar Wilde. Dalla redazione di Dotmug non ci annoiamo di certo. Sempre alla ricerca di notizie, condiviamo, twittiamo, instagrammiamo in costante connessione con il mondo digital.

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