TrendsCuisine becomes art: Gualtiero Marchesi at Seeds&Chips

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Masterpieces, not simple dishes. At Seeds and Chips, the international fair of Food Innovation, there was also Gualtiero Marchesi, the master of all chefs and the one who made a revolution in the Italian cuisine tradition. He presented his new book, Opere works. Not just a cookbook, but a real culinary route with pictures, that are enough to express art and the concept of composition starting from the substance, “because to cook, as to make music, you need to have composers and musicians”.

A progressive man, always with an eye on culinary innovation. Since he was young, as he likes to say, he was fascinated by the French cuisine, “I decided to study those techniques to apply them to the Italian cuisine”, anticipating trends and updating the tradition.

133 pictures telling the story and success of the worldwide known chef: from the famous Riso, oro e zafferano, Milanese risotto with an eatable golden leaf, to fish dripping, a culinary adaptation of the color dripping technique used by Jackson Pollock, and also a new contemporary version of Costoletta di vitello.

Innovate enhancing the substance

Refined and avant-garde dishes that want to enhance the simplicity of the substance.

If for Gualtieri, to apply innovation and technology daily in the kitchen is something important, something that matters even more is preserving the substance, “considered by all of us something important and then mistreated in any possible way”. Everything to surprise, even by sacrificing the taste.

In the simplicity lays the pure and true beauty and that is also the tasty part.


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