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We empower people to experience local products, specialty food beyond physical limits, thanks to immersive and real time technology. Flick on Food

Smau is one of Italy’s most important events for innovation and entrepreneurship, and has really enriched the city of Milan in recent years. Now Smau is ready to head to London the 2nd 3rd and 4th of May for the first edition of Smau Italy RestartsUp. It’s being held at the Old Truman Brewery, a former brewery turned commercial space, which now houses events and festivals. It’s a shining example of cultural transformation that has taken place in East London. London is definitely the most innovative city in Europe thanks to an ecosystem that nurtures between 4,300 and 5,900 active startups, along with more than 70 coworking spaces, 36 incubators and accelerators. The English capital provides a much more streamlined system from a bureaucratic point of view, and it’s also easier for networking and forming relationships between companies.

Flick on Food | The first wiki food hub

Smau London is an opportunity for Italian startups

“Through Smau London, we want to give our startups the chance to meet this ecosystem, form new partnerships and compare themselves with people there. We want to spur them to create products and services that can conquer international markets. The model we follow is Open Innovation, favoring meetings and exchanges with organizations open to innovation from the outside and strongly interested in getting contact with ‘Made in Italy’ innovation,” explains Pierantonio Macola, President of Smau.

“Italy RestartsUp in London, in collaboration with Smau, is an event to reinforce our strategy of supporting innovation, internationalization and the growth of Italian Startups,” added Roberto Luongo, Director of ICE – Italian Trade Agency in London.

Flick on Food | The first wiki food hub

These 3 days in London offer the chance to connect with 40 Italian startups chosen for the occasion, who operate in the fintech, life science, artificial intelligence, food and smart manufacturing sectors, as well as an international network of investors. And we’ll be one of those, with Flick on Food, an internal branch of Dotfarm.

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Flick on food, the world’s first food hub

With Flick on Food, you can experience local varieties and traditional food culture beyond the traditional limits of geography and distribution. It’s a project that meets various user needs: a wiki food app that lets you explore on the go, to collect and share traditional knowledge: a food-commerce for buying Food Experiences, products related to certain ingredients, personalized Food Boxes, and products around food such as books, fashion and design.) It’s also a VR-based platform for buying and using experiential packages beyond the limits of physical space (like in airports or other non-places). The main targets are Millennials who like healthy, organic food and care about where it comes from, as well as all foodies and travel lovers. Flick on Food is the only food hub that focuses on ingredients and local varieties. It is working toward an alternative distribution system within the food and tourism industries through virtual reality. We’re heading back to London, the city where it all began, with the knowledge that this will be an amazing opportunity for Italian companies like ours. Not just in terms of visibility, but also for partnerships and internationalization. If you’d like to come along to support us or just to visit London, just register for the event.

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