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Cybertruck is the latest feather in Tesla’s cap. This futuristic truck was inspired by the Bond cars of the 70s and was hyped up as being hyper-technological and indestructible. Prices start at €36,000, and the trucks will be available in single, dual or tri motor versions with deposits as low as €100.

Just one week after its launch, Musk stated on Twitter that 146,000 vehicles had already been ordered, and highlighted the fact that these orders came without any promotional campaigns. 

Ok. You’re probably asking… what’s so strange about that? After all, this is Tesla! The brand is strong, the products are excellent… it was a given. Everything is as usual, despite its higher prices than any competitor on the market, along with its aggressive design and extreme features. 

That’s true! The sales figures are smiling, the financial figures too. This endeavor looks unsustainable to analysts, but stocks have token the flight, despite to Musk’s statement. He doesn’t hesitate to show his intolerance for the workings of the financial markets—especially when they could get in the way of his creativity. 

So we’re talking about a product launched smack dab in the middle of a financial and media storm. Because there was also that epic fail… the shattered window during the official presentation caused by a steel ball that was meant to demonstrate Cybertruck’s indestructibility. 

Ok so sure, that’s definitely an epic fail, but it was then explained here: It had nothing to do with the quality of the product. But just imagine if that had happened to a brand like Apple, Samsung or Toyota. What would the reaction have been? It would have been a catastrophe with strong repercussions for sales. Instead this embarrassment, the many memes spontaneously arising, and even biting mockery from Lego haven’t seemed to cause a dent in the reputation of the brand or its founder. 

Why is that? Can Elon Musk do whatever he wants, including botching product launches? 

Well, yes, in some ways… as long as these mistakes accompany such a clear and contagious vision. The Tesla brand and Musk’s personal brand (which are sometimes indistinguishable) have always sought to be cutting edge innovators. And those who are always ahead can anticipate future needs, but it comes at a cost: there could always be failures around the next corner.

People who are ahead of the times will inevitably create some disasters, be naive and sometimes awkward, but the important thing is that while they’re making mistakes, they’re taking risks! Inventors exist where obstacles and brilliance collide. Wasn’t that the same with Nicola Tesla, the brand’s namesake and a person who was one part genius and one part obsessive? Didn’t he inspire the future while also being well known for his failed experiments?

It’s the brand, baby! The Brand. And there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s how a Bogart of today would put it. A strong, credible brand can include just about anything in its narrative, even errors in communication and the most epic of fails. The lesson is that you can make mistakes, you can fail, but you have to do it with style. Follow your brand’s own style.

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