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Due to pandemic, we are going to change some habits in our life. Binge-watching has increased and the use of video chat platforms (like Zoom or House party) too.  But it seems to be not enough!  Probably next months we get used to having a COVID APP in our smartphones. They’ll track our movements to alert and prevent infection opportunities. In this article we will try to summarize what’s happening about COVID APP around the world, then we are going to analyze the Italian situations.


This is the famous app launched in Singapore. It is usable from anybody got a Bluetooth supported smartphone. TraceTogheter works with temporary id and anonymous data, but the Health department can decrypt data. This app was essentially the first one, and it represents a benchmark for every country.


It is quite similar to TraceTogheter but it was made with open source technology from Standford University. The main feature is sending an alert in case of risk. Anybody, government included, can’t decrypt data.


This is the Israeli health department app. The app sends alerts and tracks data. Moreover, the app redirects the infected user automatically to fill the auto-quarantine procedure form, on a government web site.

The Corona DataSpende

The german app is designed for the smartwatch. it uses life monitoring data to trace infected symptom. The aim is to create an interactive map for helping to face the pandemic consequences management.

Aarogya Setu

The Indian app is already used by 15milion people. It sends alerts to users who meet infected. It uses Bluetooth technology and contains an auto-diagnostic test, over a tutorial for quarantine good life. It is available in 11 languages.

The Covid app in UK

In Uk there are three main options:

Covid Symptom tracker, developed by King’s College and St. Thomas hospitals, in partnership with Zoe Global. The app studies the symptoms of the virus for advanced research and also helps track how it spreads. The app is GDPR compliant and data are used just for research needs.

NHS Smartphone app is the app made by National health system innovation lab. It allows receiving security alerts, data analysis, suggestions and quarantine good practice.

Let’s Beat Covid-19 designed by MedShr is used from 1 million doctors for diagnostic needs.  The app spreads an anonymous survey and information about the family circle.


Indonesian Health system delivered PeduliLindungi. The peculiarity is to store data only on the local device. Authority will upload data on the server just in case of risk situations.

Kwarantana Dommowa

Also, Poland has an official app. This is the first COVID app in the western world. It is quite intrusive about data, the app collects photos and locations too. When authority asks people have to shoot a geolocalized selfie and send it through the app.

In Italy? What stage has been reached? 


We know, in a few weeks will be launched IMMUNI. This app will use anonymous id, a technology already experienced on other apps. It’s not clear yet, where data will be stored.  But surely, for the app uses won’t be a mandatory. Seems that the Italian parliament will deliver a special law for it.

In the meanwhile, the Italian government has already the local competitor app: Sm-19 COVID. It’s completely free, anonymous, and without any sensible data collecting. The app could share the data just partially, only with the health system and just in case of risk.


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