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Our interview with @gkstories #healthyfood, #foodstorytelling, @foodphotography.

The community of Green Kitchen Stories: 169 thousand Instagram follower, 10800 Twitter, over 823 thousand views on Youtube channel.

Thursday, May 21st the event Cibo a Regola d’Arte in Milan hosted the fantastic couple behind the blog Green Kitchen Stories.

Six years ago David and Luise started what is now one of the most relevant and widely read healthy food blogs to document the collision and consequent evolution of their respective food habits. He was an unhealthy vegetarian and she was an health conscious omnivore and, as they fell in love and began their life together, they started to create a food world of their own. Their recipes are vegetable centered, travel inspired, good for you, kids friendly, colorful, creative, but most of all easy and delicious.

The growth of Green Kitchen Stories, between storytelling and food photography

The blog started as a way to share stories and vegetarian recipes, but grew so much that two apps, two cookbooks and two children later, David and Luise quit their jobs (he was a graphic designer and magazine art director and she was a holistic nutritionist) and started working full time in the food world. Their backgrounds certainly emerge from the blog, in fact the food is beautifully styled and nutritionally balanced. David points out that he tries to show the dishes they cook in the most beautiful and appealing way possible because his goal is to make a carnivore desire to eat vegetarian food. And the results are certainly worth his effort and hours of styling and shooting: the pictures are simply stunning and mouthwatering!

The pictures and recipes are most definitely inspiring and inspiration is exactly what the couple wants their reader to feel. They don’t expect you to follow their recipes to the letter, but give an input to everyone’s creativity and needs; “listen to your body and its needs” David says “even I don’t follow my own recipes.

Instagram and the healthy food community

Finding a common ground regarding their diets has brought the couple closer together and sharing their stories online has unexpectedly created a community and a very generous one as well. They say this was never their plan, but it sort of happened along the way: everywhere they go now they meet people they know from instagram or bloggers or followers who share with them food products they love. And the best thing is that even among fellow health food bloggers and cookbook authors there is no competition, but great support!

The health food trend is spreading and increasingly more people are paying attention to the way they eat, but David and Luise say healthy doesn’t mean strict and you can still indulge in gelato and have dessert. But you can also start incorporating more vegetables and superfoods into your diet, and desguising them into pancake batter or smoothies is a great way to do it. The most important thing is to learn to listen to your body and its reactions and needs, which will provide the best guideline to your diet: “when you realize that you are feeling great eating in a certain way, you don’t feel the need to go back to refined sugars and meat”.

Seeing how passionate and glowing David and Luise are and how good their recipes taste, I might become a vegetarian as well…

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