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First, they banned selfie sticks. Disneyland, Versailles, museums, stadiums… because they can be weapons. But they took another step further. In Mumbai, India, police created 16 “No Selfie Zone”, areas in which is forbidden to take selfies. But are selfies really dangerous?

Consider that in 2015 there have been 27 deaths connected to selfies around the world, the majority of which happened in India. A number that twists statistics and exceeds the shark’s victims one.

Who knows, maybe Steven Spielberg would direct a different movie now a day…

Death by selfie: a tragic list

This month, three girls were taking a selfie on the Brandra beach, Mumbai. On their feet on the wall, one lost her balance and the three of them slipped in the sea. A passer-by jumped in the sea to help them, and he managed to bring two of them on the shore, but the last one didn’t make it. They both lost their lives.

In Pamplona, last august, a 32 years old person was filming the fight between two bulls happening behind him. He didn’t realize that there was a third one coming, and he was suddenly run over by it.

In Huston, a guy wanted to take a selfie with a gun in his hands. He got confused because while taking the picture, the pulled the trigger.

A 66 years old man was on the top of the Taj Mahal with his wife. Selfie. They both fell down the legendary stair. He didn’t make it.

These are just few examples, but unfortunately, the macabre list could go on and on. They seem like black humor jokes… truth is, they are tragic stories, flash news that cause a bitter laugh.

Are you truly faster than a grizzly?

Wait. Are we talking about the same thing? Taking a picture with your arm straight and pointing the lens to yourself? Yep, just this. Too busy trying to make the perfect smile, we risk to lose the perception of what’s surrounding us. There is a ravine behind us? Who cares, for a second we don’t think about it. No one is really multitasking, but some are less than others are. If this is your case, then avoid putting yourself on a railway or in front of a grizzly to take a picture. And if you are convinced that you are faster than a grizzly, trust me, is not true.

In the worldwide balance of death causes, less than 30 victims is certainly not a major number. But is the classic example of how a phenomenon can spread and exasperate, giving unbelievable results.

Symptom of something? Look for the hashtag #selfie on Instagram. There are more than 250 million results. In the social media era, the image is everything, the more extreme is, the more likes you’ll have. But is really worth it? We are sure that at least 27 families would say no. There’s nothing wrong if you want to smile in front of a camera, post duck faces or fish gape. But be sure you do it safely.

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