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Amazon Prime has introduced the home delivery of fruit and vegetables in Italy. The American company has added 30 different types of fruit and veggies to the 20.000 products list already available on Prime Now. Wow, what news… no more ques or long walks home with heavy bags, now you can do your grocery shopping comfortably from your home.

The amazon prime food service starts in milan

The service will be available in Milan and in other 30 towns in the surrounding areas. Your grocery can arrive at your house from 8 am till midnight, 7 days a week, with the Prime Now conditions and delivered within one hour or two maximum.

All you have to do is download the Prime App Now, available on iOS and Android and insert your zip code, so you can find out availability and deliveries times. I am ready to use it, not just because it is comfortable. I think the connection developing between food and ecommerce is becoming more and more interesting.

Surely something that amazed everyone is not just the delivery of fruit and vegetable to your home, because this is something already in use in the USA and England. But something interesting is the potential relationship and trust between Italians and ecommerce.

The relationship between Italians and ecommerce

Launching a service that delivers food, the difficulty of the Italian population in trusting ecommerce definitely had to be taken into consideration. It is known that we are demanding when it comes to food, and we need info on the origin and quality of the products.

But Amazon thought about that. Each ingredient has on the app a lot of interesting and useful information for the consumer like: origin, distribution, and moreover news and curiosities on the ingredient. Maybe there are just a few details missing about the production.

Amazon Prime Now, frutta e verdura

Origins and curiosities on the ingredients

Surely Amazon considered the new needs of the modern consumer, who wants to know every detail of the ingredient, even the ones that are apparently useless. Origin, curiosities, varieties, and info that help when it comes to building a relationship of trust. And it seems like we understood the market’s need with Flick on Food.

Basically if Amazon could add some more detailed info about origin, history and types of cultivation used by that local producer, it could definitely be a winning move.

The trust of the consumer can be conquered also by a trustworthy online selling service, with the connection between producers and consumer enhanced, and what makes this bond stronger and stronger is surely linked to the universe of information and knowledge related to food.

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