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8th of March, smell of mimosa, houses and vases are colored in yellow and men all over the world rally to deliver flowers and greetings. But let’s be honest, the 8th of March is not just this, at least it wasn’t always like this, and if Virginia Wolf was right saying that Behind every great man there’s a great woman , then this day it’s dedicated to them, the women that everyday fight but don’t have much visibility.

UN and the hashtag #IWD2016

UN decided to relied on social network even for this occasion with the hashtag #Planet5050, #StepUp and #IWD2016, and they have one goal for this 2016: gender equality, as their motto says “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality”. #IWD2016 symbolizes the will of equality and STEP IT UP asks governments from all over the world to narrow the gap between the female world and the male one. UN also created banners and special emojis for this occasion, and through Snapchat you can share stories of amazing women in the category “Live Story”.  Let’s not forget #PledgeForParity, because tweets and their viral competence are important but there’s also the need for concrete action. The initiative is easy and captivating: you can download selfie cards and print them. Selfie cards are an instrument easy and effective when it comes to immediately share your thoughts.


Even in Italy there is the need of doing something during this important day, especially when it comes to regulate and share special moments. Museum, monuments and archeological sites will be free for women. And it’s not over, the Onlus association WeWorld invited women to join the campaign The voice of women. With a text to 45594 it is possible to donate 2 euros to help the SOStegno Donna project, not just a fund raising campaign, but also a social one with a high viral and informative potential. With the hashtag #potreiessereio women are invited to share their experiences against violence.


Even Google celebrates this day. Liat Ben-Rafael, co-creator of the Doodle that sees women from all over the world as protagonists declared “International Women’s Day is a celebration of the women who are here today working towards a better future, and in that sense it was important for me to make sure that we celebrate the real women. It’s the unsung heroes, this is what we’re celebrating, so not showing the real women behind this would be a big loss.” So Twitter becomes and international shared board with thoughts and hopes with the hashtag #OneDayIWill…not just the 8th of March, and not just violence, this is the day dedicated to women and their world made of hopes and dreams.

Giulia Baroni

Vivo in una nube, non solo come scelta digitale ma anche come scelta di vita. A volte torno sulla terra e adoro realizzare che viviamo in un mondo globalizzato, ecco perché sono sempre curiosa e pronta ad imparare da culture differenti. Vivi per imparare ed impara per vivere.

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