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Snapchat, Vine, Telegram, Instagram. The invasion of social network… with the constant production of contents in different formats and narrative styles, highly targeted and sometimes, like with Snapchat, perishable.

An obstacle or an opportunity for brands and magazines?

It depends…certainly the diffusion of these channels offers a unique opportunity to reach new audience niches. On the other hand, it represents a challenge for businesses, that find themselves competing in a narrative environment where the protagonists are “micro celebrities” but also users themselves since they produce a valuable content.

Snapchat and Telegram, for brands the challenge is contents

Let’s think about Snapchat. Evan Spiegel’s platform is essentially based on immediacy, spontaneity unicity of contents. Videos and photographs erased after 24 hours that tell a story in a fresh and creative language. A strategy that awarded the ghost app, since it reached in the last months 150 active million users per day. 10 million more than Twitter.

Snapchat, as Telegram, is a more intimate environment, very attractive for companies because the audience is very elusive, like Millennials and, particularly, teenagers.


Being on social media is not enough, having a million fan or retweeting, to engage the users to need to produce a creative and original content, with a value. That’s why companies need to restructure. Many of them understood this, as they also understood that not all social are suitable to carry all brands communication. It’s very hard to answer quickly and efficaciously to the market.

But how to behave?

Niche, where brand and digital creator meet

In this context, after the huge success it got in the US, even in Italy there is Niche, the digital platform that makes brands and digital creators (32.000) in contact.

The new instrument, bought by Twitter last year, offers more opportunities for creatives, that will be able to enhance their visibility. An occasion especially for businesses, that will be able to find easily social media talents and influencers from all around the world.

Foto presa da
Foto presa da

Fanta, one of the first in Italy, used Niche for the campaign #ConFantaTwisto, through which it was presented the restyling of the new bottle.

Not a surprise…Fanta, as all the other brands of the Coca Cola group, always had an innovative way of communicating…

Any brand ready in Italy to give it a try?

Ilaria Trapuzzano

“Il vero viaggio non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell’avere nuovi occhi” – M. Proust. Nata e cresciuta nel giornalismo televisivo, convertita al digitale per scelta inseguendo la voglia di sperimentare diverse forme di narrazione. Racconto la realtà attraverso una nuova prospettiva professionale e di vita, cercando ispirazione nelle cose universalmente belle: viaggi, cibo e buon vino.


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