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On July 6 and 7, Milan becomes the capital of international business with the ninth edition of the  Social Business Forum, two days dedicated to trends and changes in the digital market worldwide. More than 50 Italian and international speakers will be on stage at the Marriot Hotel with pitches, success stories and discussion groups, all following a common thread: the transformation and the future of companies in Digital Platforms, providing services.

Businesses towards The Platfirm Age

It’s not a coincidence that this year’s claim created by OpenKnowledge is “The Platfirm Age” Plug your Business – Play Your Future.

What does it mean?

With a simple neologism made with plat (Platform) and Firm, the organizers wanted to highlights how the fusion process between these two entities is putting companies under a new light. Consumers and stakeholders, new market models and the beginning of a new era, The Platfirm Age.

Foto dal profilo Facebook di @SocialBusinessForum
Foto dal profilo Facebook di @SocialBusinessForum

With the digital era, every company has been forced to review its own business model, rethinking its products and services, to give them efficiently to the consumer. A true challenge, but also an opportunity: platforms are real micro-economies, that can produce an economic value through the creation of ecosystems, able to make connections, interactions and co-create something valuable between consumers and businesses, between companies and stakeholders.

Let’s just think about Airbnb or Amazon, platforms representing products, creating new marketplaces between the consumer and the sellers. In some cases, the platform gives more services that are not immediately visible to the user, like Amazon’s Web Services, offering a cloud computing solutions.

The platform is not what it seems, it evolves and creates new markets, distant from the original plans. In this way, the evolution of businesses in these new environments represents for businesses a new successful model to be followed.

This will be seen in depth during the Social Business Forum.

From Marketing Tecnologies to Collaborative Behavior Design

10 are the themes of the Social Business Forum: from Agile Marketing Technologie to On-Demand Networked Markets, from Collaborative Behavior Design to Crowd Innovation Management.

Particularly interesting during the first day are IBM – COLLABORATION IN THE COGNITIVE ERA” with Katrina Troughton General Manager, Social & Smarter Workforce Solutions at IBM and  “VODAFONE FOR A PHYGITAL WORLD”, with Barbara Cominelli, Director, Commercial Operations & Digital at Vodafone Italia.

The focus will be on Platform – oriented business models as the new successful way in the physical / digital world.

You can find the whole agenda here:

Ilaria Trapuzzano

“Il vero viaggio non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell’avere nuovi occhi” – M. Proust. Nata e cresciuta nel giornalismo televisivo, convertita al digitale per scelta inseguendo la voglia di sperimentare diverse forme di narrazione. Racconto la realtà attraverso una nuova prospettiva professionale e di vita, cercando ispirazione nelle cose universalmente belle: viaggi, cibo e buon vino.

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