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After Instagram Stories, Facebook wants to dominate the market launching a new challenge: Lifestage. The app, for under 21 only, is entirely dedicated to students and there they can share info and answer to questions with short videos.

A new social fun, available on iOS and in US only, with one goal: conquer teenagers between the ages of 13 and 19. A target that Facebook was hardly reaching since they are only 8% of their users in US. To make it, Zuckerberg had to assign this project to the young Micheal Sayman, his 19 years old product manager.

As soon as it landed on the App store, Lifestage was welcomed by numerous critics. Too much like Snapchat… and frankly, there are really some similarities.

Lifestage vs Snapchat: what are the differences?

The similarities of Lifestage with Spiegel’s app are many: a colorful graphic, emoticon, privacy for teens who want to communicate without being traced.


One of the differences, is the public that Lifestage targets, young students. They can talk among themselves, without any parental control, no teacher spying. And if anyone wants to try and cheat, well, controls are severe.

But the real difference is the direct communication: Zuckerberg’s newborn is not able to send instant messages and chats.

But how does it works?

Lifestage focuses on video stories

To register, you have to film a presentation clip, specifying your age, interest, school, everything accompanied by funny faces, music and dances. When 19 other school mates will register to the network, it will be possible to interact, since they will be confirming your actual age. Then, you’ll be able to send video stories, where you can tell your experience and they will remain public.

Lifestage seems like a mix between Snapchat, Vine and Facebook…A social network that confuses especially Americans, that are still not satisfied, giving the app 2.5 points rating on the app store.

But Zuckerberg loves the project since in 2013 he tried to buy Snapchat for 10 billion dollars, trying to conquer an audience that companies seem to love.

Advertisers pay more for video ads and for new users that’s why Facebook is trying to broaden its audience, Lifestage represents a channel to conquer millennials, enriching also the business…

Will he make it?


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