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“Community is a special release for us because it represents the deepest product collaboration we’ve ever done with creators like you. We started by inviting creators in early to develop, in partnership with us, the tools they wanted to better engage with their fans.”

The most famous video sharing platform in the world, Youtube, decided to become by all means a community.

After the Google+ failure, Google is now focusing on innovating and responding to youtubers requests, who want to have alternative ways to communicate among each other besides video sharing and without switching to another social network.

From video sharing to social community

The new feature is called YouTube Community and will be integrated directly in the favorite channel tab, next to Homepage, Video, Playlist, Channels, Info.

An unique opportunity for the creators to interact in real time with texts, video, live, pics and GIFs, increasing the engagement of their followers who will receive a notification in every moment, having the chance to comment too. A communication among you tubers and followers more intimate and direct, as it is already happening on Facebook and Twitter.


Youtube working on a new business?

The question is, how is YouTube’s core business changed?

Surely this is the umpteenth challenge between BigG and Zuckerberg, more and more focused on live videos and determined to become a leader in the market, monopolized by video sharing societies.

The YouTube Community project, that has been tested for a few months already, remains a beta version for selected creators only, and only by the end of this year it will be available to everyone.

In the meantime, we can tray to experiment the new feature on these channels: John & Hank GreenAsapSCIENCEThe Game TheoristsKarminThe Key of AwesomeThe KloonsLilly SinghPeter HollensRosianna Halse RojasSam TsuiThreadbanger, and Vsauce3.

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