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Giulia Baroni8 years ago6 min


We already talked about the magical world of Kickstarter, an online global crowdfunding platform that since 2009 helps creatives from all around the world funding their projects and helps them entering the path of success.

292,047 thousand projects launched (103,252 actually realized) $2,297,249,959 dollars invested in total and a 36% chance to make it, Kickstarter keeps being a big success and it seems like it’s not going to end soon. And if it is true that some project will never see the light of the sun, others succeeded and we are still wondering how and why… Zack a guy from Ohio decided to start his campaign because he wanted to cook a potatoes salad, saying “Basically I’m just making potato salad.” He wanted to raise 10 dollars, but the simplicity of the project conquered a lot of backers and he got more than expected, $55,492. Surely it must have been the best salad ever made… but it’s not over…

Emoji Dick is a project from a New York guy that decided to translate Moby Dick in the new 2.0 generation’s language: emoji.


And let’s move to another one, Meat Soap, because who never dreamed of washing his/her hands with a soap that smells like bacon?

meat soap big


And careful ladies and gentlemen, because as they themselves mentioned, your prayers have been answered! Thanks to Grilled Cheesus you can now have grilled cheese sandwiches with the face of Jesus on it… Hallelujah!

Grilled Cheesus big


And if you feel like daring, then let yourself be tempted by the woman that exorcises demons to transform them into cute and sweet plush toys…

plush demons big


There are no limits to creativity, but here the boundary between genius and insanity is pretty blurry… Kickstarter should be a platform useful to whom really has creative ideas and is waiting for someone that can invest in his/her project.

Giulia Baroni

Vivo in una nube, non solo come scelta digitale ma anche come scelta di vita. A volte torno sulla terra e adoro realizzare che viviamo in un mondo globalizzato, ecco perché sono sempre curiosa e pronta ad imparare da culture differenti. Vivi per imparare ed impara per vivere.

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