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After Instagram’s 60 seconds, even Facebook and Snapchat announced some changes. The social media world is changing, it’s renovating, always looking for the latest trend. And instead, traditional mass media are stuck. How are the TV and press replying to this? Surely now a day, social networks are part of the narrative structure of a show, they spread the contents and amplify the coverage… In 2015 Nielsen monitored all conversations on Twitter, the ones that were talking about 231.000 episodes of 10.600 shows. 4 million Tweets were posted about these shows by 1,1 million users. From this data, it’s predictable that in 2016 social media will involve almost 10 million users.

But what are the latest and most important changes? Instagram with its 60 sec video focuses on adv, Facebook instead wants to go live.

Facebook Mentions

It’s been since 2013 that videos are a priority for Facebook, and after many updates, they finally succeeded: Live Videos are now available not just for verified users (celebs basically), but for everyone. Live videos with real time comments, and the replay comments function shows all the comments in the exact order in which they appeared during the live show, so the engagement can grow even more. But what’s the goal? Substitute television or absorb it?

Snapchat 2.0

 “Say what you want, how you want”, this is how Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s CEO, decided to explain the new 2.0 Chat, a series of new features that were launched on the market the last 29th of March, to make Snapchat a more human media.

  • AUTO ADVANCED STORIES, basically, if before you had to manually browse it, now it’ automatic and videos go on and on with no pause
  • 200 STICKERS MORE, with integrate text in the app
  • VIDEO & AUDIO NOTES, you will be able to send short video notes, 10 sec videos, as if they were GIFs and personal reactions. Same thing for audio notes
  • VIDEO and AUDIO CALLS, basically it will be possible with Snapchat to receive or make video calls and you’ll also be able to share pics simultaneously, that will appear on the background of the chat
  • MULTIPLE PICTURES, it will be possible to send and modify with stickers and writings more than one pic at the same time

Snapchat wants to focus on an integrated experience that can offer to its users the possibility to do different things at the same time, with the same interface. Live, adv, simultaneous and integrated messages, what can be the next step to increment the user experience of a user that is becoming more and more digital…

Michela Di Nuzzo

« Se scrivo ciò che sento è perché così facendo abbasso la febbre di sentire». - Fernando Pessoa Giornalista e co-founder, vivo il digital come imprenditrice e appassionata. Percepisco il cambiamento come un'opportunitá mai una minaccia. Occhi spalancati e orecchie aperte, sempre pronta alla condivisione, la chiave di ogni evoluzione.

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