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TrendsFuorisalone 2016: design as a new experience

dotmug dotmug3 years ago6 min


Milan is packed with lights for this 2016 Design Week and it is ready to rediscover unusual shapes and new design creations. This is how design becomes an experience and thanks to technology, it becomes a digital experience that can involve all senses.

House of the future

Home is where we build our universe, a shelter, where you live your daily life and the place where you show your personality. The furniture and the objects allow you to personalize and make your living space special. The place where you can live experiences, multiplied and amplified by design and tech, that transform the concept of decorating and living the house. Design changes every time thanks to technology, that makes you rethink spaces and shapes thanks to the discovery of new techniques, new materials and a different way of using them.

The third edition of the exhibition Visioni domestiche tra design e hi-tech, created especially for this Fuorisalone 2016 and cured by The Art of Living, represents a preview of how the domestic space in the future will look like.


We don’t know for sure how the house of the future will be, but we can try to imagine that it will be characterized by a hyper connection of spaces, possible thanks to wi-fi and to the fact that now furniture is multi-functional, able to give a different value to objects and other unexpected things. Domestic configuration, lifestyle, and habits influence each other continuously, narrowing more and more the border between interior and exterior, individual and social, private and public.

Soft home: interiors and digital experience   

The concept of experience, in this social media era, is strictly linked to interaction because to experience something, means more and more often to have a sort of relationship with it. The magazine Elle Decor Italia, H-Art, Marcante Testa/UdA Architetti focus their projects on the double meaning of the word soft: an abbreviation for Soft-Tech and for Soft-ness too, to indicate a warm and comfortable home, producing as a result, an exhibition called Soft home: interiors and digital experience. Every single piece of furniture has a complementary tech device, easy to use, that immediately makes a room interactive. A unique digital experience, so captivating that is able to influence also your real life.

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Design opens up and broadens its boundaries and horizon, focusing everything on perceptions, sensations and emotions to give you the chance of going beyond the simple usage of a simple object…interacting with it. But will digital allow design to overcome its boundaries?



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