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Finally is available on Google Play Store the Android Version of Flick on Food! A complex work with the goal of guarantee a user friendly experience, total scroll and totally innovative, even in the usability logic of Android, the rigid and schematic material design.

We can say that the user experience on Flick on Food, whether you use iOS or Android, is still the same, focusing on: wiki food and total food experience.

But during this period we were not working only with Android, but we also added new features. The digital food experience becomes more and more the focus…more ingredients, more varieties and more interaction.

New features are:

  • Interactive home
  • Public profile
  • Mechanism of content presentation
  • List of ingredients
  • New login and registration

We revisited and improved our tutorials and texts, so that the experience can be more and more immediate and intuitive. But it’s not over….

We’ll soon add:

  • Seasonality of ingredients
  • Super Contributor Profile
  • Marketplace platform to buy ingredients and experiences.

Flick on food wants to give you a food experience, and the keyword is: passion for ingredients, for their history, variety, origin and production.

Flick on Food will be one of the exhibitors at the international summit Seed and Chips, that will take place in Milan from the 11th till the 14th of May. An occasion to increase our group of contributors and partners, getting involved with an international digital community. Because Flick on Food can also be found in English, so you can download it and use it according to the language you prefer.

Enjoy ingredients anytime, anywhere…


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