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Tasty, with quality and comfy. The food delivery market in Italy, as the whole food-tech compartment, has become in the last few years a very competitive and sharp industry, able to attract numerous investments. Just in Italy, according to the Sole24Ore, the business volume is around 400 million euros.

Besides the financial point, another interesting element that emerges is the shaping and evolution of the business models, focused on covering new areas of the market. Going around Seeds&Chips stand, we observed how the food delivery market is becoming huge and varying also thanks to creative startups. There are new ways of answering to the on demand economy consumers’ needs.

Healthy food menu

A growing trend are the new food wellness delivery platforms. Like Feat Food, a new startup, that allows consumers to order and receive where and when they want fresh meals and nutritionally balanced, recommended by experts, to prevent various dysfunctions and diseases. Zaroo, an e-commerce platform part of Polo Tecnologico Lucchese allows who suffers from intolerances and allergies to filter among hundreds of products, find and buy the right ones according to what you need. Then, there are the moms of Mamma M’Ama, a platform that allows users to buy and receive directly at home fresh and high quality meals for their kids, organic and ready to eat.


Restaurant at home

Something very trendy is now home delivery directly from restaurants. Deliveroo, food delivery company created in London 2013 and arrived in Italy last year, is an example of this. If you access to the website or app, through a geo-localization service, you can order at your favorite restaurant, pay with your credit card and monitor the delivery that needs to be in 32 minutes. La Comanda, startup from Milano, has a simple solution for the lazy ones: through Click’N’Pizza, a device that you can attach to your fridge, you can order pizza with a simple click, without accessing to any app nor websites.


Cooking at home as a chef would

The new frontier of food delivery seems to be the food box. Already a trend in US, it is now in the Italian market too with realities like Quomi and Fanceat. With Quomi, choose the recipe from the chef you prefer and receive at your house a kit with pre dosed quality and fresh ingredients. And of course, instructions included. Fanceat, delivery gourmet, delivers dosed and precooked ingredients made by prestigious chefs in their kitchens, put in insulated boxes, and then there are pictures and video recipes to prepare the dish in 30 minutes.


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  • Sarah Khan

    14th May 2018 at 1:30 pm

    E-commerce has become the new living lifestyle. As everything is available online customers want that whatever they order online should reach their doorstep as well. Food deliveries are one of them. But this industry faces its challenges as well.


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