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Has it ever occurred to you to drink a bit to make and make embarrassing calls in the middle of the night? Or you have a desperate need of a sandwich to feel alive again? All the typical problems related to a crazy night out, that can now be resolved by our smartphone.

How? On the App store and Google Play, you can download some apps that will help you overcome an incredibly crazy night.

Drunk & quiz

At least once, someone asked us “are you drunk?”. The answer, especially if you are drunk, is “of course no!”. Drunk & Quiz helps you verify how drunk you are. Just open the app, choose the state of mind you think you are in and answers to quizzes and riddles in 5 minutes. The result will be given to you at the end. Why doing this? Because it helps you understand how drunk you are and then, you’ll have a laugh with your friends.

Drunk mode

Is the app that will save you from a shameful morning after you got drunk, avoiding phone calls to ex partners or parents. Select “drunk mode”, choose among the contacts the ones you want to block and the activation period, from 3 up to 12 hours. If you’ll try to call one of the numbers on the list, Drunk mode will give you impossible quizzes to solve, especially if you are drunk. There’s also the option “Find Friends”, that allows you to find your friends thanks to gps and to verify if your buddy is already at home. Less shame, more safety.

Drunk lock

Once upon a time, you only had to avoid phones, but now social networks too. When you drink too much, you may end up posting embarrassing pics on SnapchatFacebookTwitter or sending compromising texts on Whatsapp and Viber. To avoid this, there’s Drunk Lock. It works like Drunk Mode: once the drunk mode is on, the app will not allow you to enter any social networks, till you’ll be sober and able to unlock it. Your reputation will be safe.

StreetEat – food truck finder

Ever felt the need to eat a sandwich or something weirder for a drunken night put, like a risotto with saffron? Here’s StreetEat – food truck finder, the Italian app that allows you to find the nearest food truck thanks to geo-localization. Not only hot dogs, but also risottos, cannoli, focaccias and more. Real culinary centers with low prices. Nothing better if you are drunk

Foto diario Facebook di @Streeteat
Foto diario Facebook di @Streeteat


It is one of the most complicated moments…you need to go to the toilet and you don’t know where to find them. To safeguard your reputation, especially if you are women here’s Trip Toilet, the app that lets you find the nearest toilets with pictures and reviews. A fundamental app for those fussy drunks.


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