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You just can’t stop playing Pokémon Go and also looking for your soulmate? If you thought that the new Nintendo game would have stopped you from catching your true love well… you were wrong. And on the trail of the success of the app, dating was something we should have seen coming. Love blooms among Pokémon trainers.

PokeMatch and Pokédates

They are called PokeMatch and Pokédates and they work like any other dating app, with small differences.

PokeMatch,realized by three young entrepreneurs in San Francisco, is like a Tinder for Pokémon Go players: insert your personal data and the interest in knowing men, women or both. You can add a bio of the trainer and decide whether to filter possible partners according to the Pokémon teams. Once you complete everything, the user can choose among the pics the person he/she wants to meet or play with.

Foto copertina Facebook di @PokeDates
Facebook cover pic @PokeDates

To register to Pokédates you have to answer to some questions and share you “hunting” schedule. Thanks to localization, you can then meet according to Pokestops and play together with your possible partner. A con? You have to pay 20 dollars per date… But don’t worry, the first one is for free.

The dating apps world


After luring out of their houses millions of players, unleashing chaos among the streets of New York and opening opportunities for new businesses Pokémon Go is still able to surprise, trying to change the life of single players.

Surely this is not something new, using apps and social networks to find the perfect match. The goal is and will always be finding someone that are more similar to us, with similar values, habits and of course, there has to be some physical attraction. The tech filter is very helpful since the 90’s, especially for the shiest ones.

And now? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all platforms created for different reasons are used to catch someone in the web. But i have to say, these channels are not so efficient to reach the goal.

Better to trust professional apps like Tinder, Meetic and, why not, if you want your partner to like those little virtual pets, also PokeMatch and Pokédates.

The story that opposite attract each other is not so true after all…

Ilaria Trapuzzano

“Il vero viaggio non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell’avere nuovi occhi” – M. Proust. Nata e cresciuta nel giornalismo televisivo, convertita al digitale per scelta inseguendo la voglia di sperimentare diverse forme di narrazione. Racconto la realtà attraverso una nuova prospettiva professionale e di vita, cercando ispirazione nelle cose universalmente belle: viaggi, cibo e buon vino.

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