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A few hours ago, Google released Trips, the new app that will help us plan and organize our trips. Not the usual app, but a real personalized “travel experience”. Google’s newborn, available for free on Android and iOS, organizes and sync the itinerary automatically, from the airplane ticket to the hotel or Airbnb reservation, suggesting places to visit, restaurants, events, transports, everything accompanied by info on weather, traffic and timetables.

The journey is a personalized destination

Day Plans is something really interesting, over 200 city guides, made by  putting together experiences of thousands of tourists and adjustable to our tastes. Once we log in with our Google account, the app interacts with our personal profile and studies our tastes. This is something that makes the Big G app different from TripIt and Musement.

Same thing for the Things to Do section, that creates the perfect itinerary according to our needs. You just need to select something like “48 hours in Paris” and follow the program. And if your prefer something else, you can modify it too.

No internet? Don’t worry, before you leave, you can activate the offline mode, download everything and start your journey.

Food and Drink section of the Google app

Something we find particularly interesting is the “Food and Drink” section that offers cultural suggestions and local habits. We asked ourselves, what if there could be the possibility of integrating to this app something with even more detailed and rare information?

Imagine to be somewhere, and you receive a notification about a restaurant nearby but also about the typical products of that territory. Maybe ther eis a particular ingredient that you could taste in that particular village… wouldn’t you like to know it? And maybe know where you could buy it or taste it having a wonderful food experience. The travel experience of now a days has to deal with the instant. What I want to taste, try and live in this precise moment.

Well, we’ll see if Google will think about this integration too, for now there’s Flick on food.



Ilaria Trapuzzano

“Il vero viaggio non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell’avere nuovi occhi” – M. Proust. Nata e cresciuta nel giornalismo televisivo, convertita al digitale per scelta inseguendo la voglia di sperimentare diverse forme di narrazione. Racconto la realtà attraverso una nuova prospettiva professionale e di vita, cercando ispirazione nelle cose universalmente belle: viaggi, cibo e buon vino.

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