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“Internet kills”, “internet hurts”, “it’s the web’s fault”.

Just a few of the many sentences that have been posted these days on social media after the death of a young lady from Naples protagonist of a porn video that went viral.

On the sad Tiziana case, that decided to suicide herself maybe because she was ashamed or maybe because of the persecution she was experiencing, everyone felt the need to say something. Common people, politicians, intellectuals, journalists, influencers. On Twitter and Facebook, with the hashtag #TizianaCantone people who were laughing at her were now crying, people were pitiless saying “she had it coming”.

And then, someone decided it was internet’s fault, the web was responsible for this tragedy, also commenting on what happened in Rimini, where a 17 years old girl was raped and the video sent on Whatsapp to the friends.

But is it truly the web’s fault?

We are the web


After the drama, this situation seems surreal to me. Who is now giving the fault to the web is trying to hide the reality. It wasn’t the web who created pages on Facebook making fun of Tiziana. It wasn’t the web who was sending on Whatsapp the raping video. It wasn’t the web who decided to penalize, mortify, and act like cyberbullies… but men and women who, as Saviano mentioned, wanted to satisfy their desire of voyeurism, spreading and punishing an inhibited and summary behavior.

Nobody is interested in the fact that this could have ruined the life of a girl, whose right to say enough has been trampled besides the court’s orders.

Unfortunately, we live in a country where the fault always belongs to the girl who drank too much, the inhibited girl who shared a private moment with friends. A country where the macho and rich Gianluca Vacchi is praised by the web, because surrounded by pretty women in bikini.

Web isn’t the problem, but who’s behind the screen. Prejudice that doesn’t admit mistakes, that tramples on women’s freedom of being whoever they want. Internet is an instrument of democracy, that changed the roots we have.

We can talk about the right of oblivion, against cyber bullies and privacy… but this article wants to be a moment to think about the responsibilities we have, something that still, nobody mentioned. And I ask myself, will the laws be enough to defend ourselves?

Ilaria Trapuzzano

“Il vero viaggio non consiste nel cercare nuove terre, ma nell’avere nuovi occhi” – M. Proust. Nata e cresciuta nel giornalismo televisivo, convertita al digitale per scelta inseguendo la voglia di sperimentare diverse forme di narrazione. Racconto la realtà attraverso una nuova prospettiva professionale e di vita, cercando ispirazione nelle cose universalmente belle: viaggi, cibo e buon vino.

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