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Say hello to Creator, the new Facebook app for editing videos, cross-posting and analyzing data. Conceptualized and designed for profiles and pages instead of brands and organizations, they can use it as their own mini virtual TV studio with effects and frames and much more. We’re going to delve into its functionalities, the market segment it caters to and some future scenarios.

Who is Creator for?

Facebook Creator app – Grafica

Facebook is always focused on progress, so it’s eyeing up the ever expanding sector of influencers and web stars. It updated the app Mentions for them, which has been available since 2014 but only for verified public figures and companies. Creator is aimed in particular at all the personal profiles or specialized accounts in niche sectors–like fashion, beauty or fitness–that have been able to build a large audience of followers that they interact with and with whom they’ve gained credibility. But the way this is accessible to all profiles shows how Facebook is looking to piggyback on the influencer and micro-influencer trends–basically those “normal” profiles that are more influential than the rest of their friend network.

How Creator works: the features

Creator is only available on iOS at the moment, but will be ready for Android operating systems soon, and is divided into 4 specific functions.

Live creative kit: this function lets the page owners record videos and add music, emojis, frames and direct invitations for action. It’s all customizable based on the editorial content and visual style of the account in question.

Unified inbox: with this function, an influencer  can see all their messages and notifications in one place. This helps them more easily deal with fan comments and unwanted messages.

Stories and Camera with cross-posting: with this function, Facebook Camera adds more decorative elements and incorporates augmented reality. You can cross post across all the connected social networks so publication for each one is notably reduced.

Analytics: with the Insight section, influencers can get to know their followers in more detail through graphics, numbers and trends. For example, they’ll be able to see demographic info for their followers, the number of people who watch live videos, and how long they spend on the page. They’ll also be able to verify if their videos get positive or negative reactions.

Future scenarios for Creator: Monetization and business

 “We’re open to any kind of proposal, but we’re exploring many business models we could implement. But at the moment nothing’s ready.”

That’s how the spokesperson responded about monetization through Creator. So nothing is sure yet for the possibility of turning your passion into direct earnings. What emerges from this scenario though is an incredible opportunity for influencers to create even more engaging and “influence-able” content.  They have access to an entire tv broadcasting system that integrates sound design and art direction functions that are automatic and completely customizable. So we’ll see how far this brings us.

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