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“I have heard many cases of children dying because they were left in the car by their parents,” says Carol. “There must be a way to save them, I told myself.”

The latest edition of CES, the largest consumer technology trade fair in America, has just ended. After seeing this year’s proposals, we can confirm five tech trends that will be dominating the new year. The first is artificial intelligence, which will enter our homes via Smart Home. Followed by automated driving with smart dashboards, infotainment systems and smart cities radars and sensors. Coming in third we have  8k TV, followed by augmented reality and photography. That said, two startups impressed us the most.

83-year-old startupper launches Save Our Loved Ones

Save Our Loved Ones” is a device created by Carol whose age, 83, already says a lot about the device’s name.

The aspiring entrepreneur created this product in memory of all the children who have died while left behind in the car, and to prevent it from happening again anywhere in the world. It is a device that uses sensors to monitor the movement of air in the passenger compartment. It senses a child’s presence through their breath – chest movements of merely one millimeter can trigger the acoustic alarm. Carol’s goal now is to connect the device to parents’ smartphones.

Thus Save Our Loved Ones becomes a slogan for a conscientious use of technology that can save our lives and those of our loved ones.

ReliefBand 2.0 – the wristband that reliefs nausea

Another interesting product presented at the fair was the ReliefBand 2.0. It is a very innovative system for relieving nausea caused when traveling, virtual reality, chemotherapy or post-operative care.

 The latest version of the device uses an elegant Fitbit design and hypoallergenic 316L surgical steel contacts, which make it more in line with modern fitness trackers than most therapeutic devices. The band operates by sending electromagnetic impulses from the wrist to the brain, that then sends the necessary instructions to the stomach to reduce the feeling of nausea.


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