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Food Innovation is the answer to the environmental challenges that food production is creating”. With this answer Marco Gualtieri officially opened the second edition of Seeds&Chips, the international event dedicated to agricultural innovation.

On stage at Mi.Co Milan, to inaugurate 4 days of meetings and discussion about food and tech with the help of many protagonists of the scientific and economic field.


A balance on Expo 2015

After exactly one year from Expo 2015, the discussion couldn’t be opened if not by doing a post event balance. A universal exposition that holds many records, according to Douglas Hickey, General commissioner of the USA pavilion, this EXPO has been the most successful one because “it helped many nations demolish cultural and national walls” and “make them open their eyes on a problem, the food one, that has to be dealt with”. Economically speaking, the fair had a huge impact explained Claudia Sorlini, President of the scientific committee for Expo, registering a substantial increment and bringing the city of Milan the 8th most attractive city in Europe.

A confront that made everyone agree with each other about one thing: Expo 2015 has been a starting point, has opened a path that wants to realize a system, a net, where innovation in a central element to develop and defend traditions.

Food Innovation is the new Internet

Consciousness, tech and young entrepreneurs. This is the recipe for food innovation, that according to Marco Gualtieri, will play a key role in the environmental challenges of the future. A future not so far away since investments in the food tech sector went up to 6 billion in 2015. A sign that something is changing, even if this is just the beginning of a new global revolution, where “food is the new oil, innovation the new internet”, both intended as crucial in the ever-changing food system.


In this scenery, young innovators and their startups can accelerate the logic of Food Innovation. On stage to represent this new generation of innovators there is Saileog Droney, a 6 years old prodigy, creator of Scantive, an app that allows consumers to see how much sugar there is in what we are going to buy .

The first day here at Seeds and Chips went on just perfect, and Dotfar will be present with Flick on Food, the first wiki food in the world, and we will keep you contantly updated! Follow us on dotmug and on our social network channels for live updates from Seeds and Chips! Facebook, Twitter @DotmugEN, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn,

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